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    Apr 2, 2014
    I tried yesterday to add my name but I'm not sure where it went. Someone kindly directed me to this thread.
    I set 12 barn yard mix and 8 guinea. I set them all on March 14. I got my eggs from e-bay. I've done this be for and had little luck. Not nessecarily because of the eggs. I've had so many misshaps along my way.
    Bought an incubator from china on e-bay. Set some eggs and 5 days into it the incubator stopped working. I lost all my eggs.
    I had much dialog with both e-bay and china. After jumping through many hoops I took the bator to a local repair shop and paid to have it fixed. No compensation from china or e-bay.
    The next easter I bought more eggs on e-bay and set them. After about a week I realized the egg turner had been disconectted by the repair shop. Only 1 chicken hatched. He turned into a rooster. I had to send him to the farm when be began cookel dooing.
    So that brings me to this year every thing is turned on and running. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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