I'm just sick


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Apr 1, 2016
To make a long story short, we had to get rid of my pretty boy because he started crowing. Now I've got three more and I hear another one start crowing!! We need to identify these quickly because in my neighborhood we can't have any roosters. I'm terrified we're going to have to butcher another one.



Well I know Wilson was trying to mount one of the white ones. But I don't remember which one. I'm just sick. Is there any physical attributes to look for to know for sure?
Any idea what breeds? I'm pretty sure Cervelli is an Australorp. She's also the smaller a by almost half.
All 3 are, without doubt, cockerels.

I would say that the first two are probably cream legbar crosses or maybe barred rock crosses and the last one may be an australorp although I have no experience of that breed.

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