im looking for some young chickens i live in west virginia


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
tucker wv
i am looking for any breed of chicken realy preferably female but will take male and would like at least 6 or more but will take less as long as you can meet me half way would like to see pics first though.
Kevin I have could do 6 5 weeks olds but it would be 70 .00
I have several breeds - so I could do 5 of one breed or one of each - My husband bought me a variety pack of standards - I really breed Silkies , Serama and Favs -

with Gas cost shipping works out cheaper with these The baby work is done they are outside caged but off heat -
let me know by 1 pm today and I could even ship them today otherwise Monday

[email protected]
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preferably i would like them to be free.
because i just started raising chickens last year and a fox destroyed my flock and i am too young to get a job around where i live.
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Hi Kevin,
I am in Preston Co. - WV
Dept of Agriculture has a free bulletin that it sends out monthly for agriculture news and buy and sell - it's called the Market Bulletin - you can sign up online to get it.

Also, i saw some free ones a week or two ago in the Bulletin Board - that they sell all over the state at gas stations.
Hope they have some in there this week.
Hey Kevin, I'm in the Elkins area...I'll be growing out a few Light Brahmas and some others this summer...Let me know if your interested....PM me...
Hey Kevin,
I looked into todays bulletin board, and someone in fairmont has a rooster and 3 hens for giveaway - 304-363-6281.

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