I'm loving the 6-chick minimum at TSC!!


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
. . . cuz it's keeping me from buying MORE!

I had to drive up to PA on Friday and on the way home, I stopped by four different TSC stores that were just off the hwy. I only wanted to see what different breeds they had. I had already purchased 14 baby chicks from TSC on Monday and then got six more (silkies and d'uccles) from a breeder, so I do not need more. However, IF I saw some spreckled sussex or wyandottes, I would have wanted to buy two more.

Anyway, due to the TSC 6-chick minimum, I no longer have to worry about buying any chicks from TSC this season.

Anyone else find the 6-chick minimum a good way to NOT buy more chicks?


Well....no....I bought 8 and still didn't get exactly what I wanted. Went to Atwoods where there is no minimum and bought 3 more chicks. Still didn't get exactly what I wanted. I think next year I will stay out of TSC and Atwoods and just drive over to Ideal and get exactly what I want...provided I get my order in before everything I want is sold out til the next year. GOSH THEY GO FAST! Of course I've already got more than I should and probably won't have any extra space for more next year...but....when does that ever stop anyone?
NY State law requires a 6 chick minimum purchase to minimize the number of parents/grandparents that buy their children ONE chick and the poor thing gets loved to death. It's a good thing, I think. And it does keep me from buying chicks. I only want 2, cuz I have 5 coming in April.
Chicken math continued...I went to TSC today, I only wanted to get 4 or 5 bantams, they told us about the minimum of 6 but there were only 7 so now we have 7 more babies! Oh my!
You know, if you bring your receipt showing that you've purchased the minimum there already, they'll let you pick up a few more. At least they did at mine.

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