I'm new and might have a sick chicken? Large, red, swollen bottom?

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    Jun 30, 2008
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    Hi there, my chicken (Peeps) is just over a year old and has not laid an egg for about 3-4 wks. She is a pet, the only chicken we have ever had and :/we do not raise chickens. She has seemed to be very lethargic in the chicken coup but she has been eating & drinking like normal. She walks very slow & low to the ground, like she is "bottom heavy". Her poo has been greenish with no white in it for quite some time. I thought perhaps she was egg-bound, but I did some research last night and I don't think so. Maybe she is too hot in the coup, I'm in MD and it's been about 90-100 for awhile. I do have a fan on her & there is a screen door and window with screen in it for ventilation in the ckn coup/shed. She seems to be acting normal, just not active and no eggs. After reading somw posts last night I brought her inside the a/c house for about 3 hrs. I gave her a warm bath, lubed up and inserted my figure in her vent. I didn't feel anything at all, just seems very swollen in that area and the feathers seem sparse. I took a few pics but not sure how to post them??? Perhaps I am over-reacting, but I have never looked so closely at her rear before and maybe it is normal for it to look swollen. Hopefully someonw can tell me if this is normal. Thanks so much, Heather :)
  2. Heather, I wish I could help you but just don't have the knowledge. Why don't you PM "dhunicorn". She is pretty much the chicken medicine guru.

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