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Jul 21, 2021
Howdy All! I'm somewhat new to chickens- I got my first this past spring. I started with 3 Rhode Island Reds and 4 Barred Rocks... they are starting to reach egg laying age. I recently bought an incubator and hatched some silkie eggs and thats where it all gets fuzzy... I have recently gotten several different breeds to incubate again and my SO isn't the most excited... LOL Its fine though. I got a mixed dozen consisting of Cream Legbars, Olive Eggers, and Black Copper Marans. And I also found a breeder close to me with Gold and Silver Deathlayers that I'll be incubating with them. Fingers crossed for a high hatch rate.
I love how smart, yet simple minded my chickens are. Im excited to watch them all grow and mature.
Besides my chickens, I also have 5 children. I'm going to attempt homeschooling this year for my older ones. Their ages are 10,7,3, and I have twins who are 1. Since having my twins I've been a stay at home mother, which is a whole new world for me. I have struggled with not being able to get out, but the chickens give me that sense of work accomplishment.
Anyways I look forward to mingling with you all in this forum~

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