I'm not 'yoking'... I got a question.


10 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Los Angeles
Could one of you wise people tell me whats up?
My 13 girls slowly started laying end of October and I think I still have a couple hold outs, but I am up to 8-9 eggs a day.
Anyway, the very first egg yolk was that lovely golden orange... what all of us expect from our little flocks... BUT, about two weeks ago, I have noticed that the yolk color is fading... it is all of them and they are more yellow like a store bought egg... do you know what I mean?
So, is it diet? Is it because they are not getting as much grass/greens? What happened to the bright orange?
Greens are one of the things that make the yolks such a nice orange color, so yes, this time of year when there isn't much in the way of greens for them to find, the yolks aren't such vivid colors. I've been feeding mine chard (our winter has been so mild so far that we still have green chard in January!) lately to try to maintain the yolks but usually by this time of year they are more yellow than orange.
Yes, it is the diet and I agree with HEChicken. However, I also feed corn in my mix feed, and I rarely get any pale yellow yolks like store bought eggs. They are a lighter orange or really bright yellow, but they are a lot brighter than the store bought ones.
Thank you so much!
YAY! More greens and corn is an easy fix

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