Im so concerned about the lack of feathering in my baby (pic included)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Lobzi, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Its like she stopped feathering after about one week or so. She is over a month old and has only limited wing feathers. She is getting taller as her legs have grown fairly long but even her body isnt that large for her age. Here is a pic of her in comparison to another chick that is 3 weeks younger than she is at a month old. The center chick has more wing feather development at one week than she (on the right). What do you think is going on? Any ideas?
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    I dont know what kind they are, but some mixed breeds developed differently. They look healthy to me.
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    do you have a photo of her in comparison to her "litter mates"?
  4. Lobzi

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    I dont have pics of any litter mates as there were none. I just have never had a chick feather so slowly. Here are some more pics in comparison of BunBun to the 3 week difference in age chick, Petey. The first one Petey is one week and BunBun is three weeks old. In the second one Petey was only a couple of days old so BunBun was over two weeks old.

    I think you can see the long legs she is getting and with that more slender body I suspect she has Leghorn in her genetics. All my birds of mixed and mostly unknown as they came from a few wild ones and one roo I found. I only have a couple of pures. Im certain these are mixes though not of the same mothers and fathers. I read where there is some sort of association of Leghorn and a cancer that chickens get. I also read that leghorns can be slow feathering, though this seems to be extreme.
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    She might be a Bantam and the others are Standards.
  6. Lobzi

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    They are mostly bantams. I just have one regular size roo, an Ameraucana. I think that the younger one might be part that. Still Ive had a lot of baby chicks hatch out and never had I had one feather this slowly. Ill update in a month or so. My guess is she will have no more feathers than she has now. Its so sad for her. Im already planning some sort of chicken dress to make for her naked body.
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    Six week up date:
    This certainly is a mystery. Finally some other-than-wing feathers are appearing. Not in the normal places though. Still no tail feathering or shoulder area feathering either. On the shank area and " knee" areas finally some additional feathering is starting.
  8. limhyl

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    Dec 15, 2012
    I have the same situation with one of my americauna/barred rock mix chicks. He is 1/5 the size of his litter mates and the difference gets greater everyday. He is just not growing and the feathers are coming in so slowly that I don't know what I will do with him when the others are ready to go to the coop. He will freeze to death.
  9. Lobzi

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    One fifth the size is a big difference! Mine is an only child but it was so tiny for so long. It is growing larger, legs particularly are lengthening significantly. Im keeping it in the house with me so being too cold is not such an issue for now. I have been just so worried that there is something wrong health-wise that is causing this lack of feathering.
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    I have a baby here that could be her twin! EXACT! I absolutely love the white feather on the bottom of their wings! And I love her name BonBon! Ours has an easter egger mommma and a jersey giant dad. I was so curious what their baby would look like, and she is adorable. We hatched her trying out our incubator. I am not sure what the deal could be, she does seem to be a late bloomer, but I bet she is perfect. I would love to see a pic of her when she grows up!

    btw...mine is also in the house =) just so sweet!
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