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    It has been exactly 13 months since we had to sell off our chickens and goats and pigs and rabbits and guineas. Our mini farm. Gone. Moved into the suburbs. Gah! Gasp! Moannnnn! The divorce had taken it's toll. The children and I had lost everything. Even our way of life. We used to get up and go feed the goats who would then follow us so they could eat the food we put out for the chickens. [​IMG] spend our mornings doing our chores and caring for our animals and our days with home school. It has been 13 months since we had a chicken hug. And we had a personal flock of sixty birds and had hatched over three hundred chicks. Not counting the ducks! No chicken hugs, no duck kisses. No goats who thought they were house pets. Over a year. And guys, this was truly heart breaking for my children. Well no more! We have eleven of the cutest, sweetest, black, blue and splash jersey giant chicks you've ever seen. And I know you've seen quite a few. Believe me when I tell you there have never been chicks as adored as these are. They are part of our new beginning! If this post is in the wrong place please let me know. It has been over a year since I've been on back yard chickens. I even had to have them help me back into my old profile because I couldn't remember my password. The point is. I'm back. We are back. And we are better than ever. And we are bringing chickens!!!! So as all new chicken parents do, I will be posting about my wonderful babies. You should see how my children are smiling while carefully cradling these little baby giants. [​IMG]
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    YAYYYYY!!! [​IMG]
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