I'm SO glad I got ducks!


10 Years
May 6, 2009
I've had friends trying to convince me to get some for years now... but all I heard was how messy they were. But, chicken eggs give me a stomach ache and duck eggs don't, so I decided to get 2 khaki campbells. :) they're 3 weeks old now. they are SOOOOO much fun! I wish I had got ducks sooner, they're much more fun than chickens are! It is so rewarding to have ducks. I can't wait to toss them in my garden to help me with my major slug problem.

One of the ducklings is starting to quack today. They are getting some beautiful feathers in. Are they like chickens, where they can't go out from under the heat source until they have all their feathers? My chicks are nearly all fully feathered in, but the ducks have a ways to go still.
Congrats on the new ducks they are loads of fun aren't they! You want to gradually lower the temp of their brooder until it matches the temp outside or if its winter until they have all their feathers. I lower the temp by moving the heat lamp up a little every week.
I've been moving it up. it is almost time to move it up again. However, inside the house it is 68, but outside it has been 50 during the day and colder at night.

I do have a question though. being picked up isn't their favorite any more. Is that because they're going through an independent stage, or do ducks just not enjoy that after their a couple weeks old. I know that with chickens, they go through their teenage funk and they hate being held, but then they calm down after a while when they start laying eggs, and you can handle them better then. (generally speaking of course. some just hate being held period). I've never had ducks, so I honestly don't know what to expect.

I LOVE that they follow us around. love love love!
My ducks never liked being held but they did like sleeping on my lap. One of my ducks just tolerates being held but I can tell it is not his favorite thing. I have heard of ducks who like to be held though I just never owned one. They will continue to follow you around though :). Mine are almost a year old and still follow me around the yard. Ducks do go through a stage but if you keep handling them and giving them treats while handling them they will quickly get over it and may enjoy being held.
Cool! thanks! :) wow, I didn't realize how fast moving the duck forum was. LOL

yeah, they do like laying on our laps. :) We really enjoy that too. they make great friends!
My daughter just took some a little while ago, here they are! Paprika and Gingerale :)

Aww they look so cute!! Iv just got 2 indian runners for my garden and after a few days the slugs are loosing big time!

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I can't wait until they are big enough to seek out the slugs. we have a HUGE problem here. I could go out to my garden at dusk each evening and get a big bowl full. ugh. I can't wait to see the difference!

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