Im so mad. ~Found some! (:

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Jul 8, 2009
Waterport, NY
i just went outside to put my chickens away and some were on the porch. i didnt think anything of it so i picked them up and took them to the barn. Once i got in there white feathers coverd the ground. i ran bact to the house to tell my parents and noticed there was a dead silkie under my trampoline she was on day 16 of hatching 8 chicks! So i told my parents went out there and 1 silkie is dead one white hen is dead and 2 silkies are missing. i am so mad because i saw the neighbors dog running around with something hanging out of her mouth. She had killed 3 of my hens last summer !! My mom called the cops and they are supposed to be on the way. Ugh.
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I took pics. 2 of my silkies are missing still. And one of my delawares is missing. The cop said something to the neighbors and they said it wasent their dog when i saw it in her mouth in my yard. It makes me so mad because this happend last summer and they PROMISED that they would keep her tied up. The cop said that they would probablly get ticketed and we might get money to replace them. I got them as chicks and fed them and everything. Does anyone know how much a show quality silkie hen is worth? Thanks.
I'd ask a breeder of SQ Silkies how much one of their hens costs and how much to ship her and that's what I'd charge them.
So my dad just went outside and checked on the chickens and..................... he found 2 silkies and a delaware!
Yay!!! All that died is one silkie.
Better than nothing i guess.
Yeah!!! So glad that the missing found their way home. I'm very sorry about the one the dog got, but really, really glad for you that the missing ones weren't killed too and have managed to find their way home.
I would shoot the dog next time it comes back. I guess the neighbors won't mind since it's not their dog.
Your neighbors are either liars or in denial.
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