I'm soo soo excited 100% hatch


Love God, Hubby & farm
11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
Put in the first of the BBS Orpingtons and whoo hooeee...

every one of them hatched.......I will post a pic later......Hubby wanted me to wait a month to hatch..... nooo wayy......

These eggs that started this flock had wonderful origins, LockedHearts, Tuffoldhen, Yard Full of Rocks, Speckled Hen, I think that's all gotta check my record book.....

So I took the first laid hen egg forward.....Will post 2nd day photos later...........

I might need to call these the BYC BBS's! So Soo Happy!

Congrats!! Thanks for posting your good news. For those us us that are waiting any day for ours to hatch it gives us a little hope. Would love to see pictures.
Way to go Nancy & Jacque. I wish you the very best. The eggs I got from you are due to hatch this Friday March the 5th and Saturday March 6th. I know it won't be 100% but I do expect that the way things are going it might be as high as 70% not bad for shipped eggs and ones that the post office tried to kick or crush. We just wanted to say congradulations and thanks. Talk with you soon, Dave and Paula

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