I'm still getting bounced out


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
SW Ont, Canada
I have done what MissPrissy suggested, got my dh to look at it and he can't figure it out either, so I am asking for your advice & expertise again. It is happening at byc and easy garden forum. I will log on, go in and out of a few posts (4 max), before I notice that it says I am not logged in. Or I will go to make my own post, and hit the post button, and it says that I don't have access to this page b/c I'm not logged in.

Any suggestions?
Don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it happens to me all the time and there's no underline in my name. It was suggested I delete cookies. Did that. Still happens. Usually have to log in many many times with every visit to the site. I'm getting used to it though...!
I had the same problem where I thought I logged in but when I tried to post I was told I wasn't logged in.

Submitted for a password reset and it still wouldn't work. What finally did it was delete all my cookies except for those I had to keep and then had my password reset. That did the trick.

Good luck.
I had been having problems with Firefox, but I just went and cleared all my history, cookies...all the private data and I was able to log in just now! I am thrilled! Firefox has a spell check and I sure need it! LOL
Checked this so as to be able to maybe shed light and be helpful. It happens to me even with the www. Just about everytime I go back to the "main menu" it shows I am not logged in. Have to click on login twice to get back in. Just the routine now....no biggie...just time consuming. It's still a great site!
Thanks for checking that JJ.

The only times I've seen this problem:

1) Cookies are messed up
2) The www issue I mentioned above
3) Users have a software firewall or Internet security program or something else that blocks cookies.

My only suggestion after trying all those is to loin from a different computer with a different connection to the Internet and different settings... like one at the library, work, or a friend's house. If it continues then it is probably an issue with your user account. If it doesn't continue it is a local machine / software / ISP issue.
Thanks for your wisdom on these things! It didn't happen at first but then a certain day came (don't remember which day..) and it's happened ever since. My guess is that maybe my computer lost part of it's mind on whatever day it began to happen (I know the feeling!). No firewall, www. there every time and I did the deleting cookies thing. Thanks for your attempts to diagnose - likely some of the things you mention will clear it up for others. Oh, and I'll experiment from a different computer at some point.,,,,that's a great idea,,,,,

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