i'm stoked - friend is letting me borrow her incubator


10 Years
May 11, 2009
Orange, Texas
yesterday was day 1 of collecting .... 1 egg ... BR/RIR mix

marked egg with a "W" on one side for wednesday ... and an O on the other
Is this your first hatch?

Either way, best of luck!
my friend that i am borrowing the incubator from says that i can collect eggs for up to 2 weeks before putting them in the incubator

...it is actually my grandma's friend and she has been doing chickens forever .... at least 12 years that i know of
i've got 6 eggs ... BR rooster and RIR hen

the incubator does not seem to have temperature controls and likes to hover around 120 degree's. It is a little giant still air model --- looks similar to the 9200, but does not have the recessed rectangle where the temperature controls should be.

looks like i will have to buy a hot water heater thermostat to adjust temperature and use an aquarium thermometer to judge temperature. i am crossing my fingers and hoping for a 50% success rate or better.

Friday will be my incubation day.
Try putting the top on and see if your humidity goes down. I live in South Texas and was running around 75% humidity and then I covered it and the humidity went down to 45-50%. Good Luck!

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