I'm stumped

supercoop chick

5 Years
May 12, 2015
Near San Antonio, TX

I was lured into the wonderful world of chicken keeping about 5 1/2 weeks ago. Darn those super cute bantam peeps at the TSC!! This is after YEARS of saying "NO CHICKENS"! Well I caved and now have join up here for information and moral support. lol Our chicks are growing and I think I may have a handle on gender (confirmation would be appreciated) but after much research I still don't have much of a clue as to variety. Any help would be appreciated. I think we have 5-roos 3-pullets (the nice man at tractor supply that helped us "had a foolproof way to pick pullet chicks", I think his method is flawed
Bantam I think roo, and my guess is OEGB?

I think rooster... but no idea what he might be.

I think bantam

rooster, a friend suggested a Campine???

tiny bantam...rooster? and type?????

Sold as a standard RIR I'm thinking rooster, but he has developed some tan tips and patterning on his wings!?

bantam Pullet? and clueless. somone suggested Wyandotte, but????

bantam pullet? type?

She? was sold as a silver leghorn???

BTW: you will appreciate their really original names:
Blackie, Vindaloo, Polka Dotty, Cluck in a Bucket, Erick the Red, Penguin, Stripa and Henny Penny. Note: some of the names came from my 5 and three year old who LOVE these guys
Bottom three are pullets. Did you pick them all from the bantam bin? Feed stores order bantam assortments, meaning, whatever the hatchery that they source from has available. Knowing what hatchery your feed store sources from can help narrow things down.

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