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Hello everyone,

I have several questions and would appreciate any help that you can give. I purchased bobwhite quail eggs last spring and had a 60% hatch rate. Now these quail have laid and I have begun to hatch their babies. I have two incubators running, one for incubating and one for hatching. All temperatures and such are as they are suppose to be. However, I am getting a few chicks who lay on their side. They appear to be healthy otherwise but just seem to push themselves around the hatcher on their sides. What causes this and what can be done to help them, if anything?

Now for my second question: I do not have a worm problem but believe in prevention. I would like to know if I should put my adult quail on a wormer? If so, what is suggested? I prefer something natural but have read that there is nothing out there that is natural, Ive seen the Apple Cider Vinegar recommendation amongst others. What is the best?

Now for the pine shavings questions. I do not use pine shavings but have noticed in a lot of photos on here that people use this product a lot. My hatchlings, in the brooder, are on paper towels and my adults have no subtrate under them. IS it better to use pine shavings?
The problem with your babies pushing themselves around on their sides could be caused by the paper toweling.You might want to get some shelf liner for your brooder to give those chicks more grip under their feet. And check out the information on putting bandaids around the babies legs to get them up on their feet proper too.....
Let me give clarity on the sliding bobwhites. These are hatchlings (dried and warm) they are still in the hatcher and are not on paper towles in there. The chicks in the brooder do well on the paper towels, however, I am willing to try the shelf liner in the brooder. My issue is with the newly hatched chicks, not all but some, who simply dont stand, instead they slide on their sides.
I put the rubber shelf liner in the incubator / hatcher when I take out the turner. It gives their feet something to grip. It has holes and is very easy to wash (or just toss) after the hatch (I know these are chickens, but it shows the kind of liner I use)

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