Im telling everyone about BYC,

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  1. Hi fellow chickenlovers, im really happy as The place where I buy my chicken feed from has got a note on the wall explaining how to look after day olds that they sell , but on the bottom of the A4 page they have quoted BYC as a great site for chicken info,.

    I did tell the people behind the counter about BYC and they wrote it down , then the next day the note appeared on the wall.
    Hooray for BYC and chookies and all of you lovely people here.
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    That is SO cool!

    I'm hoping to make some fliers available for downloading and printing so people can easily give them to shops or pass them out wherever they want. Hey, maybe even business card sizes too.... that would be fun. Lot's of good slogans / images on the bumper sticker contest that we could use.

    Keep up the great work!

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