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    Well, actually they were REALLY big upgrades on the backend. The coolest programmer around has worked on this one and he did a great job.

    Long story short:

    1) The uploads page will load faster
    2) The images will be resized more efficiently which will basically feel like you've got more storage space

    The geeky stuff (cuz I know some of you like it) is that all the image storage data was moved from just scanning a directory full of over 15,000 images to calculate usage, to moving all that data into the database so the data can be pulled faster.

    It took a complete change of the backend, but I think the results will payoff in the long run... especially as more peeps become Golden Feather Members and use their extra disk space.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    YAAYY!!! [​IMG] Now we all have to bow to Nifty for his awesomeness: [​IMG]

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