Imaginations Needed!!


8 Years
May 5, 2011
My grandmother's home is being torn down soon, so I am going to go and see what all I can get to use for when we can build a bigger coop for our chickens...what all should I grab? Windows? Shutters? Doors? Cabinets or counters? anything I would not think about but kick myself for later for not grabbing?? It is just an old 1940's sytle house......

Well if you think that you will kick yourself for not getting it. Get everything that is reuse able. That way you will have plenty of extra materials. When we redid a room in our house I was so mad because I didn't keep the insulation, try getting insulation if you live somewhere where it gets cold.
Get lots of windows, especially small cute ones that open, get tile flooring in big pieces if there is any... Countertops if no tile flooring...get nice big pieces of wood, like from the sides of cabinets...Shutters, YES, if they fit the windows, that's really cute. And if they don't, you can use them as vents.
I say windows are the biggee.
Have fun!
I am just in love with the idea of using parts of my Grandpa's house to build a chicken coop...When I was a kid, the only chicken he had was a dominicker that was our best friend...Me & him LOVED that rooster! I just dont want to waste the chance to bring a part of him with me
Take the whole house. The possibilities are endless. I turned two old giant drawers and selves from a cabinet above those drawers from a house built in 1905 and turned them into a brooder.
I say "whatever's easiest to REMOVE" -- some things, like windows, can be a lot more trouble than other things, like doors (not the doorframes just the doors taken off hinges)

Good luck, have fun,

Solid wood doors are great for everything.
Windows if you can.
Is there a cast iron tub, if so, get it.
Fireplace? Firebricks?
Giant stone foundation?
Endless Imagination here, GET HELP*(or maybe I need help) friends, trucks, bobcat.

Oh and don't forget the plants, bulbs, bushes, berries.......
Bring a shovel and some buckets.
For a 1940s house metal kitchen cabinets were the rage. They are hard to find and people usually think they are junk. I am looking for Youngstown upper cabinets and the unusual pieces like the lazy Susan. That's not exactly for your chickens but if you found some you could craigslist them and spend the money on your chicks! At $30 a piece or more for typical used condition you could clean house pretty quick. If you think there might be some good antique fixtures is a good resource for information so you can figure out how much to sell for.

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