Imitate the Egg Song?? How do you know?

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    Aug 3, 2009
    My Buff Orpington has laid about 6 eggs and I can never tell when she is about to lay an egg. Today, she climbed on our AC window unit and started pecking at the window and I thought for sure she was going to lay because she was making a lot of noise and shaking a little. But no...not then...she did eventually about an hour later (maybe less). But I watched her for about 30 minutes in the window. Are they shy about egg laying? she has laid in the window before but just once, the majority of the time she has done it in the correct spot, just like today. Is this normal?

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    Imitate the Egg Song?? How do you know?

    Oh, I thought you wanted me to sing it to ya, but I really am tone deaf, and you wouldn't want me to be off key, right! LOL [​IMG]

    Are they shy about egg laying?

    I am no egg-spert, but I have read that they like to lay where it is quiet, and uninterupted. For example, the enjoy being behind a curtain, in their nest. Well, that's what I have read. I don't have any real experience. [​IMG]

    I'm not much help, am I?​

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