Immediate Death Chickens! What do I do?


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Aug 10, 2012
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I have a flock of about 25chickens and 2turkeys...and last week one of my older hens started getting fluffed up and staying away from flock so she's in a warm coop in the barn...but yesterday one of my hens got fluffed up and fell over dead....and today one of my birds not sure who has bloody stool....Does anyone know what I should do?????any Advice???
Feed store would be less expensive. I think it is found in the horse section of the farm stores(at least at Wilco it is). Not sure on dosing but treat a gallon of water and only let them have access to that water only. Change the water everyday. I think you treat for 7 or 10 days. But need to start quickly.
Based on your avatar, I have seen your ad on CL about Starscream. Great name. Hope you can get them treated. Good Luck
and I wanted to Share that I have a 4yr old bantam Auracana Hen we took her in from some folks that couldnt keep chickens in town and she's had Coccidia for around 3weeks.....her legs are paralyzed...but she still hobbles around her hutch and eats and drinks.....She's doing better with Sulfur water though too
Coccidia can be the problem...also worms. When were they last old are your birds? id treat with Corid and also some liquid Safeguard for goats. You can use both in this situation. Corid is often found in the cattle or swine meds in either a powder or liquid. Label is white with red.

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