Impact Crop????

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    Apr 21, 2008
    I have been reading many threads on the site and love what I've learned until I came to the Emergencies/diseases/injuries and cures section.

    Now I am terrified for my fine feathered friends


    I want to know what these diseases look like so I can be prepared if my hens get problem is impact crop sounds like you have an insect infestation in the garden (not really a chicken issue). Could some of you all post pictures and or discribe what they are?


    What is Impact crop???

    What is Lice, mites, etc???

    What else should I be aware of???

    How common are theses???

    Can someone just reassure me that my hens will live long and be great family members?

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    There is a FAQ section here at the board :

    I also have a library of sorts where I sort and categorize all the solid source (extension university etc) poultry articles ... it is in my sig below.
    (Check out the NEWBIE FAQ in the gENERAL section for basic info articles)
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