Impacted Crop???? I am kind of lost on this one!!!!


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
My husband and I rescused four hens from the feed store that where brought in really sickly looking all with mites on all them. The one in particular I am worried about has what seems to be a Speckled Sussex with a very large mass in her crop. I what what what it said for the crop I gave her the Olive Oil and then she is now on a broth diet and drinking water. My husband has been massaging the mass in a downward motion and nothing has seemed to happen but it has gotten a litttle softer. She has been isolated to her own coop and she is moving about a little and she still wants to lay down more then what a normal hen does. I hope that I am doing things the right way if not can you give some in sight as to what I need to do or what I am doing wrong... Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!
We are unsure of the age of the chickens. We think they might be right around a year old. We have had them for three days. We are not sure how long they have been impacted but they were at the feed store for a day before we got them. We have been trying do get rid of it the day we got her. I hope this info helps.
Impacted crops usually happen when birds eat too much cracked corn or other materials that swell in digestion. Keep up the olive oil and massages. If the bird seems active, then you are doing good. If it gets legarthic, then you may have to change strategies - as it is literally starving. If you can relieve the crop, then you need to give a small course of Oxytetracycline to avoid a bacterial infection in the crop. You will also want to reduce the diet to easy foods for a while, I prefer to use chick crumbles at 20% as a dry food and put a bit of yogurt in the water. This helps the crop recover and will allow it to resume its elasticity and ability to predigest food. Hope this helps.

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