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    Jan 28, 2015
    Hi, i noticed one of my hens being kind of quiet a couple days ago and she sort of passed out onto her face. I helped her up and until know she has doing alittle better. On the same day she passed out i felt her crop it was full like a water balloon. And when i picked her up she threw up kind of stinky water.
    I have been massaging her crop and yesterday it finnelly emptyed almost compleatly! Today her crop is pretty much empty but the area around her vent is hard like theres a big egg or lots of poop stuck in there. She was poopping watery poop yesterday. I felt almost all of my other hens vent area they have that same thing to but less hard. Her belly area is alittle hard so i dont know whats wrong.
    I gave her a epsom salt bath 2 days ago and i seemed to help a little i also let her drink a little epsom salt water. I also gave her a little plain yogort. What do you thinks wrong with her. Oh and i forgot to say she was digging on the grownd a little eating pieces of food of the floor today.Only a little though. She drank some water yesterday she may have today i dont know. Shes 2 years old and is a white sussex. What do you think she has? How can i help her shound I give her a epsom salt bath and have her drink some epsom salt water. Thanks for reading. Help would be apreciated. :)
    Update: my hen seems much better! I think she will be ok but supjestions will help!!
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