Impacted/sour crop


9 Years
Jul 29, 2010
My sweet Buffy has a sour crop. She shows all of the symptoms--crop large and hard first thing in the morning before feeding. She won't come down off of her roost in the morning without help. She has the smell from her beak and when she got pecked earlier this morning some yucky looking fluid came out of her beak.

I know I saw detailed instructions on here somewhere of how to make her "throw up" but can't seem to find it when I search.

Can someone link me? I'm worried and want to go out there and do it now but I'm so afraid to hurt her.


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
if you do your own surgery use sterile stuff, I liked seeing how to help the chicken, but hated they rinsed with a household turkey baster. you can purchase sterile threaded needles, sterile one time use scalpels, big sterile syringes for rinsing after you pull all of the crap out. make sure when you cut the first layer you try not to cut veins. i doubt getting them to puke will help out lots. i know you hold them upside down but i researched 3 months ago when i was studying chickens. i seem to recall puking a chicken can be dangerous. the getting them to puke part is rather vague in my mind. good luck
Donna in branson

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