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11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
I was able to get an Impeyan chick last year for a good price. I am not sure if I am ready to actually get a female for him and start breeding, so I am just keeping him alone for now. He has proven to be a good teacher, I knew they dug, but I had no idea as to the extent. Now to anyone else who has them out there how are your pens set up so that they still look good in spite of thier digging? I was not sure about lining the bottom with something similar to chicken wire so that they couldn't actually dig down, but was not sure if this would stress the bird. Another option was a sand base, but how deep would this need to be? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
dont use wire, you'll end up hurting him.
deep sand bases are a good idea, but they and the eared pheasants are just going to dig, no way around it. use landscaping to keep the pen looking as nice as possible, logs, stone piles etc, they enjoy playing on that kind of stuff anyway.

you could get him a hen now if you'd like, it would give them time to bond good, but he wont be any good breeding til next year anyway
I've kept them both ways......I prefer the dirt bottom and let them dig away....they actually eat the dirt for the minerals......Tony TK has one of my females now, I think he keeps them the same way......they were never happy on wire.......................................................chrisf
I was hesitant on the wire, I didn't think they would be happy not being able to dig. What I was thinking of doing was putting alot of rock piles and boulders in the pen to break it up and limit the amount of areas that they would be able to dig. I really do not mind having dirt bottoms, I just dislike the mud and how it cakes on the feet.
I am a little hesitant to get him a hen. Right now he is only in a 8x20 pen, which is smaller than I would like. In addition he has crooked toes, which I am not sure if its cause is genetic or through incubation so I am a little hesitant to breed him in case it is genetic. Also I heard that he may have trouble breeding a hen since he cannot grasp her wings. I think what I may do is keep him and landscape the pen he is in now and get it to the point where it looks nice but still makes him happy. Then build a larger pen the same way and then get a pair. We will see how it goes. Thanks again.
Alot of times crooked toes is from not being turned enough during incubation.
I have a Black Copper Maran hen that has the worst crooked toes you've ever seen, after hatching dzs of eggs not one of the offspring ever had them (the crooked toes).
I would get a young hen for him and never look back!
Glad you didn't do the wire thing.
Is your pen covered? Dirt only turnes to mud if it gets wet.

He'll really like having a compantion.
It is not covered other than netting. I just want to clarify that I did not plan on having him on elevated wire. Instead I thought of placing it on the ground so that the grass can grow up through but not allow him to dig. This was just an idea and was not sure if anyone else did this or not. I kind of thought that it would still be a little "cruel" to the bird since he couldn't partake in his natural tendencies.
Well if anyone has a hen let me know.
I just jhave an apron around the perimeter on top of the ground,and let the grass grow threw it.It is mainly for keeping out predators.Impeyans do love to dig,but I have never had one dig enough to get out.They just seem to be happy just going back and forth digging the whole time.
In N.H.,Tony.
Same here, they just like to fluff the ground. If that makes any sence?
I understand waht Eagle is saying. I have not noticed any serious digging, just small holes here and there. I really do not mind the digging, the problem I have is all the mud created because I cannot keep grass in there. I will figure something out. I believe the more pressing issue now is finding a female. I think the Mt. Hope auction may be my best bet.

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