Importance of water temperature?


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Jun 15, 2017
Morgantown, WV
I've built a tube based watering system based on a design by Shuttergirl. The only significant difference is that I've placed the water tank inside the shed which is part of the coop; the original design places the water tank on a stand outside in the open air.

The shed has minimal ventilation, is shingled, and tends to get pretty hot inside relative to outdoor temperatures. I haven't yet attempted to measure the temperature of the water on a hot day to gauge how the ambient temperature of the shed affects the water sitting in the tank or lines.

Generally speaking, is there any temperature threshold I should be watching out for which would be cause for concern? Humans certainly wouldn't prefer warm water to drink, but obviously it's safe up to 130℉ or so. Given their lack of alternatives, I have no doubt the chickens will drink any available water, but I'm curious to know at what point it becomes uncomfortable or even unsafe for them.

Any advice would be welcome. As a first-time chicken owner, it's entirely possible I'm overthinking it. :)

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