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    May 6, 2013
    So a week or so ago I noticed one of my hens not roosting with others and off in a corner.
    Felt around for egg bound, but noticed crop was very full an jelly like ... it was end of day so I waited til morning. Still fully and jelly like next morning. I helped her vomit. By the end of the day she seemed better so I did nothing else. That night she roosted with rest of hens.
    Next day at end of day she was off in corner again. This time her crop was very hard and I can feel pellets. I put her in a cage by herself with water and grit. By morning she is better but I kept her in cage with just water for another day and a bit of scrambled egg. 3rd day let her out. Big appetite by night she is off in corner again. Again crop very hard with pellets. I put her back in cage.
    She is an older hen older hen and does not lay much. I am not sure if she has laid while out of cage, but has not laid in cage.
    This morning I figured she would be feeling much better but she was actually very weak and stumbley. Very hungry though.
    I was wondering if she has become intolerant to pellets.
    Now I am wondering if she is actually egg bound or something. I do not feel anything obvious. I put her back in cage with water and electrolytes. I did let her eat a little which was raspberries and some crumbles.

    Her cage does not show a lot of poop, but she is not getting a lot of food in cage. Her back side is quite messy looking though.
    She feels like she has lost a lot of wt.

    Any thoughts?


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    Jul 19, 2016
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    May 6, 2013
  4. jjb1953

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    May 6, 2013
    As of yesterday I was assuming my hen must have egg bound though not too obvious. I noticed there was minimal poop in her isolation cage and she had a pasty backside. I went to buy a tub and was going to do the warm bath and try to help her pass the egg. Yesterday morning, she was still stumbly and weak, but alert and hungry. I got home yesterday afternoon ready to tend to her but she was near death. Laying down on side with eyes closed but still moving. I had another chicken close to this state once and was able to save her ... I decided to attempt the bath (I know perhaps I should have just left her). She passed some stool and other gunk. I honestly could not tell if she was egg bound, I kept feeling something swollen, but not sure if it was egg. Here is the IMPORTANT part, I glanced at my arms and I was covered in MITES!,!! I looked at her she was severely infested. I cannot believe I missed this. It was not at all on my radar as it is winter. That other chicken I mentioned who was close to death once ... It was due to anemia from ... She was severely broody and mites got her ... Even with aggressive and frequent treating.

    Anyway, after researching mites in winter time, I learned winter time they can be worse. In this case they are worse than I had ever seen. This coop is new to them ... It is a walk shed. I go in the shed daily and never saw any signs until last night.

    So from now on, when I see a weak chicken, the first thing I will look for are mites. I think my hen had crop issues. I think she became intolerant to pellet feed. I think isolating her in cage her made her more vulnerable to anemia due to mites and ultimately death due to anemia. I think if I spotted this earlier I could have saved her ... Now here is one last point, her comb was never significantly pale like it was with my other bird .. I checked for that daily. It was slightly dis colored, but not overly pale ...
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    I'm sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us.

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