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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by kynz7, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Feb 21, 2016
    Hi, i am in 8th grade and we have a science fair project going on. I want to do mine all about getting baby ducks to imprint on me. Im going to get fertile duck eggs and i have to make sure im the first person they see so they think im there mother. Then to form a bond i get to carry them around school. I need a factor in raising these chicks that i chnge. For example: Does a duck or goose imprint better? (But i need a better idea then that. :) which is why i am asking you guys. Also has anyone else every done something like this?
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    If your project is about ducklings imprinting, then bringing a goose into the factor is not a good variable. Time would be a better variable that you can track through your project. By time, I mean how much time you spend with them. The ones you tote around with you at school all day and ones you spend X time with a day at home
    Another option is hatching your own and also buying some from somewhere else that are already several days old and have had a chance to bond to their other duckling friends first.

    Living things can be a difficult thing to do a project like this with as to truly do time correctly, you need a group that all you do is feed, water, tend to their brooder and that could be an issue (or really, let them fend for themselves, but that's just cruel)
    Also, with imprinting to you, you need to remove the other variables - like other ducklings.

    Before you get too far into your project, I'd sit down and speak with your science teacher to see if they can help you plan it out to see if it really is a good idea to follow through with or if you might want to do a different project.
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    I want to give you a word of caution about imprinting ducks on you verses allowing them to have stronger bonds with their hatchmates instead because I have seen this happen alot. People want imprinted ducks because they think it is cool but then when they can't be with the ducks 24/7 the ducks protest and eventually they have to be killed or rehomed (if possible) where they can learn to form stronger bonds with other ducks that will not leave their side. If you are not prepared to sleep with your ducks and keep them with you all day and all night, it is not a good idea to have them imprinted on you.

    What most duck owners do is to socialize their ducklings while letting them imprint on the feathered members of the flock. There are people who bring their ducks inside in duck diapers so they can be near them as much as possible but, if you decide to put the ducks outside in the yard where they can be ducks while you are at school, you will have ducks sitting outside your door quacking their heads off until you return and most likely annoying your neighbors. The poor ducks will become so stressed out by your abandonment that their health can suffer to the point that they could stress themselves to death.

    A science experiment is a great experience but ducks can live 12 years and if you are not wanting your experiment to continue that long I would suggest you consider doing a different science project. If you are determined to go through with it, be sure you are willing to have the ducks butchered when you are done or figure out how to help them learn to be ducks without their primary attachment to you.
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    Thanks for all your great input. We live on a farm and arent xlose to any neigbors so we wont have any problem with noise. If i do decide to do imprinting on me i think we might butcher. But i am thinking about getting the duck to imprint on nother baby animal we have here on the farm. Anyways thanks again for all your imput.

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