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Sep 1, 2010
Does it matter what breeds you have together? Looking at birds that are available locally we'll probably have some mix of Australorp, EE, Black Sex Link, Welsummer, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, Brahma etc. Only 4 birds but from those varieties. Does it matter which varieties as long as they are raised together?
It only matters if you want to breed them and keep them pure. Otherwise, it doesn't matter a bit. I started out in my chicken hobby with 7 chickens, all different breeds.
Some breeds don't do well together, but the breeds you said sound ok. Bantams and standards in some cases don't do well, the bantams may bet bullied because of their size. But my bantam Cochin roo is at the top of the pecking order and in front of two standard polish Roos. Top hats may also get bullied, some can hardly see because of their hats and sometimes (only sometimes) different breeds will peck at their crest and do cannibalism.
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It doesn't matter in the least. Chickens don't care unless the flock member is REALLY different; one silkie or one polish chicken can get picked on by others because they have odd features. A white chicken in a whole flock of brown chickens might get shunned, or might not.

I have a fairly large flock of all mixed breeds, colors, sizes and ages. Everybody is an individual so nobody is that particularly "different."
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I have 2 barred rock roos, thinking about getting them some ladies soon. I'm not interested in something unusual like a silky, so would pretty much any standard chicken breed be ok for my flock?

I really dont care if I have mutts. They are for pets and eggs anyways.
Agreed. I would try for at least two of each breed or variety so nobody sticks out like a sore thumb, but raised together they do just fine.
I have an accidental bantam brahma in with my LF brahmas and she's near the top of the pecking order. In my other coop I have turkens, silkies, polish babies, EEs, speckled sussex, salmon faverolles, plus lots of mixed offspring. There's no one of any breed and everyone does fine. The only ones getting mildly picked on right now are my young cockerels and goodness knows those boys had it coming to them.
BARRED ROCKS!!!! :] Ive got 3 young beautiful Barred ladies. Ill be getting them a rooster in a few months. Check your local craigslist posting.. People dont tend to like roos and get them on accident from a hatchery or feed store.
i see people on CL getting rid of roos for free... a few selling hens.

I like my roosters, but having some eggs would be nice too LOL. I think my guys would like a few ladies.

Sounds like roosters make good boyfriends too once they learn some manners. They protect their ladies and help them find food..

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