In Arab, AL. Any interest in Light Brown Leghorn eggs?


10 Years
May 16, 2010
Arab, AL
I have fertile SC Light Brown Leghorn eggs. $10/dz plus extras may have at the time. I was wondering if there were anyone local who'd like these. I'd rather not ship, but can if you really want to. I would have to figure up the shipping costs though. I recently ran some in my own incubator and had 100% development. My flock are free-ranged daily and spend the night in their coop. They are not exhibition quality birds, but are beautiful with good temperament and lay well. One hen is mottled and another is split mottled. Picture of the chicks is their babies I hatched on the 11th this month.
Hello, I just wanted to say that you have some beautiful birds. I am also from Alabama (Piedmont) and I was just happy to see someone a little closer to home. Good luck with your eggs!
Thank you! I feel the same way when I see or hear of someone closer by. :) There doesn't appear to be many around here.
  1. Hello i want to buy 12 hatching Light Brown Leghorn eggs.
  2. Can you ship hatchings to Boston MA. est. delivery jun 15 ?
  3. how many hatching eggs and shipping cost?
Are you still selling? I live just south of Birmingham, in Tannehill. I’d like to throw a few more fertile eggs in my incubator tomorrow if you have any to spare
I'm sorry guys that I didn't get back to anyone on this last year. I had my baby around that time and went through a rough recovery period.

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