In Desperate Need of a Companion Duck!


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Apr 5, 2017
Hi Everyone,
Last night we had to put down our Drake. He unfortunately was extremely aggressive towards our chickens. He would rip the combs off of their heads which was horrible. We couldn't find anyone to take him so we decided that we would do a community pot duck with him. It's actually quite sad.

But we have a female duck who we still have and love. She doesn't fit in with the chickens so she is now just wandering alone. We want to find a female duck friend for her who is preferably laying. I have felt terrible about killing off her mate so I would love to bring in another companion or two for her.

I live in Colorado just South of Leadville and North of Buena Vista.

If anyone has any female ducks in the area that they are willing to sell or give away, I would love to bring a new companion into the family for Stewart (our remaining female duck).

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