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  1. Ok so I am just asking for any advice from anyone on this subject. Sorry for bieng rude earier I was freakin out badly but I am ok now. I'll explain.
    Last friday, one of my black sexlink pullets,Bacani, who is 21 weeks old today, had something kinda little and red pokin outta her behind so I ran to grab gloves so I can check it out and when I came back it was gone. I took a look at her and everything seemed to be normal and she was acting normal so I went about my day and did all my work.
    On sunday...I get a call from my boss telling me Bacani just had an egg hangin out of her inside of a sack looking thing. He told me he broke the egg, pulled out all the shell and the sack went back in.
    Today when I was there I saw it happen. She was in the nest like she was going to lay an egg and when i went out there to check and see if she did, It was hangin outta of her in that sack. (I'm thinking it was the uteris) I was trying to get it out but it wouldn't come out of the little whole that was there. We got some mineral oil and olive oil and rubbed it on the uteris and massaged the egg out. It came out after a while and the uteris went back in a little and I just pushed it the rest of the way.
    We had gotten some advice from a farmer who said that she thinks that bacani might not be able to lay and maybe we should look for something to stop the production of her eggs.
    Is this possible? and if so do you know of any sights I can look it up on or what it is.
    Please. Any advice is helpful. I would sure hate to cull her. <<That is only going to be a last result. Thank you in advance
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    i have never heard of anything that will stop them laying.i could be wrong thier are a lot of people might know something but i dont
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    Our chicken prolasped twice in April this year. She took a little vacation, but now she's back to egg laying and hasn't prolapsed since. [​IMG]
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    you are correct in assuming that if your bird continues to prolapse in this manner with ever egg that it will eventually be the death of her...there are some chemicals however these cannot be used on a long term can go to an avian vet and have what is effectively a "hysterectomy" for a bird though this procedure is not without risk and it is not cheap...a member at the EZlocation of BYC had this done ... (in her case though her bird was an internal layer and was at deaths door>this same procedure is quite often used for parrots and I suggested she contact an avian vet to resolve the problem she was having with her bird)... you can read about it here and if your bird is a pet and you are willing to spend the money then print the article out and take it to your avian vet ... here is the condensed version of the story:
    (on the left is a menu with various articles >scroll down to the article entitled PENNY'S SURGERY)
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    I've been there with a bird that was unable to pass the egg from the uterus. It happened only the one time with her first egg. She took a break for a few days after her first attempt which allowed her body to recover from the uterus being outside of her body.

    Doing whatever you can to stop her from laying, hormones, dark room and quiet is her best bet for survival. If you can not stop her from laying for a while so that tissues can tighten back up you are faced with having to put her down.

    If you have not done anything to clean the uterus before it retracts back in to the body you are also running the risk of infection.

    Good luck with her, its not going to be an easy time.
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    I have used a darken cage and reduced diet with a hen that prolapsed. It stopped her from laying for about a week. She has returned to normal laying, but she hadn't had problems for the 3 months that she had been laying before that. So my case might be alittle different than what you are facing.
  7. thank you for everyones advice. It happened agian today so we called and made a appoitment to get her surgery tommorow to pin her uterus back. I hope she makes it through. ~Pray for us~
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    I hope your hen's procedure goes well. If you do not do this already, I would suggest feeding black oil sunflower seeds (unhulled) as a treat. Your feed store should carry this. We buy it in 25 & 50 lb bags. It helps keep the reproductive tract lubricated, so eggs can pass easily.

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    more than likely she is over weight. fat in the pelvis and lower abdomen produces partial blocking of the production pathway, causing strain.. sometimes we love our chickens to death
  10. Well Bacani had another incident this mornin and it was horrible. Way worse then last time and she had pecked it badly she ripped a huge whole in her uteris. We took her to the vet and they said there was nothing that they could do. so we put her down. Today is probably the worse day of my life I feel like. So this is in loving memory of Bacani!


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