In memory of Little Red Haired Girl

Sending you a huge and gentle hug, Valerie, even after a year. My 11 year old Ethel has started her final journey and it is devastating for us. She was a pet and sat on my husband's shoulder when we watched TV at night. People don't realize what individuals they can be. LOVE the video !
So hard to watch them go. Hugs right back at you! :hugs I recently lost her sister, Rosie, the one sitting on the branch below her. Rosie watched an eagle kill the last of her two siblings and simply died of fear and a broken heart a few days later. All of my original flock are gone now and they were only 4 years old. So, today I started thinking about Little Red Haired Girl and remembered I had this video of her. Thanks so much for your kindness. :love

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