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    Hey guys,

    I am new to BackYard chickens and have had 10 chickens over the last 8 months. Here is a photo of my little Fluffbucket. I'm not sure if she is moulting or getting picked on. She also has a very crooked beak and therefore not sure she's getting enough to eat. I have separated her from the others last night.

    She has lost all feathers around the neck and has no feathers on her wings (they are needle like now), she's a silkie.

    Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you!
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    Your Silkie's problems all start with her crooked beak. If you are feeding her dry crumbles only, she probably isn't getting enough nourishment, and that it weakening her. The flock picks up on her weakened condition, and picks on her. It's how chickens roll.

    I would separate her from the flock in a protective enclosure adjacent to the rest of the chickens so she's still in view. It's crucial you start feeding her a wet version of her feed so she can more easily get enough to eat. (You may let her out at night to sleep with the flock.)

    I recommend fermenting her feed for maximum nutrition and ease of consumption. You can find good info on how to ferment over on the Feeding and Watering forum.

    She may need to spend several weeks or longer in her separate enclosure, but you should see gradual improvement in her demeanor and appearance over time. Once she gets strong and confident again, you can allow her to mingle with the flock, but I advise you always feed her separately first thing in the morning, then again in the evening so she gets enough to eat. She cannot compete with the flock with that beak of hers.

    Also, fermenting your feed for the entire flock would be a fine idea. You won't be disappointed with the results, I promise.

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