In need of some Chinese Goose advise.

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    Nov 3, 2010
    Hello everyone,
    I have had my white Chinese goose (gander) for the past year. He just turned 2 years old last month and is quite a character! We love him dearly. I am his main caretaker (he's my goose), but he is living at my mother's place since she has the privacy fencing in her backyard. Every night I go over to clean his overnight garage pen and give him fresh water and scratch food for the night. I also change his baby wading pool 2-3 times a week, depending on the need. As he has grown and matured, I have noticed as well certain changes taking place:

    1) He has definitely imprinted on my mother.
    2) He has definitely NOT imprinted on me (even though I took care of him since he was 8 months old at our local pond). In fact, just the opposite. He seems to take joy in attacking and biting me! He has also imprinted on another lady friend of mine (she's older like my mother). He idolizes both of them! Would NEVER hurt them, but with me it is not that way. Why does he continue to attack me???
    3) At present, we have an average-sized, hard plastic, child's pool for him. It's about a foot deep and maybe 5' in diameter. I really want to get him something where he still has decent circumference but deeper so that he can really get down deep to dunk. Any suggestions? All the deep pools I've seen are inflatable and run the risk of being pricked by his nails.

    Anyway, his name is "Mambo" and he is a very handsome little man, and he DEFINITELY knows it! :)

    Any advice you could share with me would be much appreciated.


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