In over my head?!


11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Black Hills of SD
Okay, so I decided to get a few chickens. I was thinking ten, possibly fifteen at the most. Then, after looking at the Murray McMurray website, I ended up with 25 plus the freebie. I had a case of "chickitis". I have never had chickens before and, although I have plenty of space for them, I am still worried that I am in over my head! Has this happened to any of you? Am I crazy for getting 25 chicks if I have never had them before?! Thanks - I just need a little reassurance.

Are you kidding? I only wanted 3 chicks when I bought them from my feed store last year. I had 38 chicks by the time summer was over, I have 15 eggs in the bator, dh just ordered another incubator for his 24 marans he bought on ebay and we plan on ordering another 50 or so chickens. Yes I have room too and girl you will be glad you bought all those chicks once you have them home. Good luck!!!
I ended up with 25 when I only really want no more than 12. I have a few friends that will take the extras off my hands as the weather warms and they can be outside. As of now I have the 24 (one didn't make it through shipment) in my ever expanding brooder. They are 2 weeks old today and growing quickly. I can't wait til the weather warms enough that I can put them outside for a little during the day; but not now, the temps just dipped from the 50's down to the 30's. Brrrr.
Don't worry, they really aren't difficult once past chickhood. The hard part is having the coop right and just keep an eye on them for any illness or injury. Proper maintenance is easy and goes a long way. Good luck! I wish I could have a few more but I live in the suburbs and can't.
Thanks for your replies! You have all made me feel better. Happy weekend!

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