In search of a Silkie Duck Drake

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    Mar 10, 2009
    Due to an unfortunate bobcat attack we lost 6 of our silkie ducks of the 6 all 3 of our drakes fell victim to the bobcats we now are left with 6 hens and no drakes to continue on our breeding program. We are in search of a drake for our flock. I'm located in west central missouri but will travel for the right drake or pay shipping if it's too far to travel. If anyone can help with an adult drake please message me and let me know what you have, where you are located and your price. I lost $350-$400 worth of birds and really need a drake to help save my silkie duck program. Thanks
    posted a photo of my dearly missed drakes with some of the hens.

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    Aw, I am so sorry! I hope you find some replacements. [​IMG]

    ~ Aseen

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