In terms of Wyandottes how does blue splash and black apply?


Sep 27, 2020
I understand how these genetics work, I'm just curious how they apply to non solid colored Wyandottes. When we talk about blue, splash, and black in terms of lacing, are we only talking about BLRW? Do these genetics also work with GLW or SLW? What does splash look like on lacing?
So if we're talking about Andalusian Blue genetics (Blue, Black, and Splash), those colors breed the same on a Laced Wyandotte just like the would on a solid Cochin or Orpington. The blue gene merely dilutes the black portion on a chicken. Anything not black will remain the same color. Here are some examples:

Blue, Black, and Splash large fowl Cochins:

Blue, Black, & Splash Cochins.jpg
Blue, Black, Splash Cochins.jpg

Blue and Black large fowl English Orpingtons (I don't have any adult Splash yet):


Now for some Blue-laced Red Wyandottes:

Here is a BLRW pullet that is genetically Splash (two copies of the Blue gene):

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte (Splash).jpg

Here is a BLRW hen that is Blue (coincidentally an online hatchery stole this photo and are using it to represent their birds):

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte Hen w White Javas in Background.jpg

Here is a horrible picture of a pair of Splash BLRW with a Black BLRW pullet moving (blurred) behind them:

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte Pair (Splash).jpg

And here is a trio of BLRW; two Blue and one Splash:

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte Trio.jpg

Blue works the same way on Blue/Black/Splash Copper Marans, Wheaton Ameraucanas, etc.
Thank you for the images provided. They definately give me a better understanding of what these colors are supposed to look like. So as far as we know, BLR are the only wyandottes with lace that are effected by blue/splash/black genes? So gold and silver are locked into their respective lacing?
Well Gold and Silver-laced Wyandottes are black. You could cross a Blue Wyandotte onto them and breed them back to the proper laced bird (gold or silver) until you get Blue Gold-laced or Blue Silver-laced. That's what I'm in the process of doing with my Blue Silver-laced English Orpingtons. I have a few F1 pullets and am going to work on breeding them back to Silver-laced males in the spring. Basically I can expect 50% of the babies to be black and will be sold as layers or fryers. 50% of them will be blue and of those 50% I think I have to hatch something like 50 chicks to get one that is the most lacing I can get in the second cross. Those girls will be crossed back again to an unrelated Silver-laced rooster and should then throw Blue Silver-laced. :)
Thank you for this information. I wasn't aware blue/splash lacing could exist in other colors!
No problem. :) Lavender can also exist on Laced birds...

Lavender Silver-laced English Orpingtons:


Those birds are very young and are still growing out. They look better each time I look at them.

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