In the hatcher! (Previously: Pipping in the incubator, help!)


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I have three batches of eggs in my incubator. Button quail and frizzles due on the 21st and bantam EE's due on the 24th. I was getting the hatcher ready to move the button quail and the frizzles, and when I went to open up my incubator, I was candling the eggs and picked up an egg and heard peeping and found a pip in the egg. Now what? I put it back into the turner and closed the incubator. I'm not sure what to do now...
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What is the hatch date for the one that has pipped? You can't leave it in the turner if the turner is still running . I'd get the hatcher ready and move the egg over.
A button or a chicken egg? The quail eggs are hardier towards humidity changes in my experience. Since you have a turner in there I'd go ahead and move them either way. Just make sure the humidity is up in the hatcher and throw in a warm wet paper towel to give it a boost after opening.
It was a frizzle chicken egg. The button eggs weren't checked yet, I was doing the chicken eggs first since they're so much easier. I stopped the instant I found the pip.

ETA: Since they're hatching three days early, what are the chances that they'll be premature with yolks hanging out?! Jeez, just because I gave birth three weeks early, they think they have to hatch three days early.
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I'm waiting on the hatcher right now, the temp is right, but humidity is at 90%. *Sigh* I do that every time, I overload it worrying about humidity not being high enough and end up spiking it way up.
Gah, I hope I get it stable soon, I can't wait! *Squee*
Chicken eggs are all in the hatcher. I figure if they're hatching early, the button eggs can wait an extra day until they're done hatching to move them, so they're not kicked around by the chickies.

How long does it usually take from pip to zip? The pipped egg hasn't done anything yet, I'm hoping I didn't do any damage.

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