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  1. Hey all, was windy and got very cold last night, for this time of the year. Down close to 0f or -18c, windy too. Today about 5/-12c above, clear, and wind died off,actually very pleasant outside, spent some time out there, scary for you southern and warm weathered Folks I am sure. But trust me, temps at 0f, no wind and sunny, is a whole warmer feeling than 20f and wind and humid damp air, like what you may have along the ocean somewhere.
    Water is barely freezing in the outdoor





    r run, as it is covered and tarped, filled water at 0730 AM, was a little icy on top at 1230PM, not bad though. Water and inside insulated coop much warmer.

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    Brrr....does that look cold! We are in for a cold snap as well starting tonight running thru til Tuesday, not getting above freezing til then. Snow expected as well. [​IMG]

    I just finished putting up plastic on the run and coop windows and was wondering if it would effect the temps inside the coop and run. But seeing that you are already experiencing zero degrees and water is barely freezing, I think it is going to make a difference here as well.

    Thanks for sharing your set up! Very very nice. Snow....not so nice. :)

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