inbred ? (graphic photo attached)


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Nov 18, 2011
hey everyone,

i am getting about 2 dozen eggs,RIR and bared rocks.

how ever many hatch, i plan i keeping all of them even the roos since we are allowed to have them and have plenty of room for everyone.

what is the best way to get eggs or what should i do so once the chicks mature they dont (brother an sister) mate with each other. all my chicks free range .

in the future i plan on incubating the eggs from the mature chickens.

question #2

off topic from above but i figured i would save the space of adding anouther topic.

i had a total of 5 eggs that were viable at day 18.

2 of them hatched and are alive, one has a deformed head and a huge eye that he is blind out of.

the other three were not shrink wrapped and were fully developed and even asorbed all the yolk, but died before pipping.

the three that didnt make it had really thin and pointed beaks that crossed, their heads were really thin and 2 had really small eyes and one had no eyes at all and had 2 red bumps on its head. like shown in the picture:
Something HAS gone horribly wrong. I don't think its the incubation but mostly likely due to the environment the parents were in or grossly inbred.
Wow, looks like anancephaly in that chick.

Inbreeding could most definitely cause genetic deformities to crop up because of the reduced genetic diversity (recessive traits and defects are concentrated in the population, essentially). Even careful linebreeders need to bring in outcrossings to bring in new blood.

BUT something wrong with the incubation could also cause those deformities, I think. Temperatures that are too hot, for example, if they don't kill the chick outright can manifest physically.
Something is definately wrong. I would suggest not hatching anymore eggs in that bator or from those chickens until you do some thorough research. Inbreeding is not a major problem in chickens unless there has been NO genetic diversity in MANY generations (like decades.) I know that there will be many people who say it is bad to breed brothers and sisters or father to daughter but do the research, it is not as critical in birds as in other animals. Your batch has something else going on. I would first ask someone else to hatch a few eggs from the same parent birds to see what happens. If they are normal, then it was likely a bator issue. If they are again deformed, it is the parent stock. It could be chemical (environmental) or genetic. If it is genetic, it would be highly unusual for ALL the eggs to have issues. My bet is on a bator malfunction.
thanks for all the replies.

the temp through-out the incubation was at a constant 99.5-100. never above that.

these were ebay eggs. i know that is not making much of a statment but i just mean i have no idea the history of the ebay chickens.

the incubator is a hova-bator genisis 1588
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Never had any incubating issues with Genesis. It was absolute fav of mine than LG.

Well, something has happened to the seller's eggs. Just don't buy anymore eggs from them.

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