Increasing Rabbit Self Sufficiency


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May 22, 2011
Hey all! Im new here, Ive already posted in the new member section. I mainly do rabbits for self sufficiency. Im wanting to bring the rabbits off the grid by not buying commercial feeds.

Im really hung up about alternative feeds for them any suggestions?
some people build a couple of large pens and either bury the wire into the ground about eight inches. or they dig up the area, lay wire on the bottom then restore the dirt and bury the fencing on the sides, and reseed the dug up soil with clover and healthy grasses, this gives the rabbits room to roam and munch, and if you have two pens yo can rotate them to make sure they don't eat down too much of the grass in each pen. You can put small dog house sin the pen and this will give them a place to go to.

It is a lot fo work but something that lasts a long time and greatly reduces the need for feed.
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Thanks for the idea! I may want to consider that..........Thanks

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