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  1. My 1 year old chinese gander is getting really, really aggressive. He bites the chickens, rips feathers out of their backs... and whenever I go out, he starts to bite me. I grab his head, yell at him, and sometimes squish him on the ground, to establish dominance, but the second I let him up, he's trying to bite me again. I love the goose, and don't want to give him away. He hangs with a pack of ducks, DH says no more geese, so a wife isn't an option.... are there any tricks? any advice?

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    He probably is lonely. However I had to remove my gander (who has a wife) from our hen house b/c he kept trying to kill one of my chickens! The gander really had it out for one particular one and he almost killed her last summer. My solution was to boot the geese out of the hen yard - and everyone is very very happy now.
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    Chinese are known to be aggressive and the breeding season makes them even more so.
    Never the less he might be that aggreesive even if he was with other geese.
    Sadly, I doubt there's anything you can do about it.
    I'm afraid your gander just grew up and the hormones have kicked in.
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    Since your DH want allow anymore geese, have you considered rehoming him with another goose fancier? Maybe he could get lucky and find a girl friend among other geese at a new home. Poor guy loafing with ducks........unsatisfied. [​IMG] I don't blame him, I think I would misbehave too. Good luck. [​IMG]
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    One of my Sebbie ganders gave me a nip on the back of my calf today!! They are normally not aggressive birds. But, its the breeding season and he has females to "protect". He will be back to his old friendly self after the season is over, Im sure.

    Your poor guy is probably just over loaded with hormones right now.


  6. If you have already tried to establish dominace then there is not much more you can do, unless you beg to get him a gf [​IMG]

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