Incubated Hatch-Problems with one chick.

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  1. Hello all, Back at it again with another question..

    Yus..I do seem to post a lot of questions when I feel I need other peoples experience and help, I mean, its better to be safe than sorry!

    Anyways, Around two days ago my incubated hatch hatched. 2 hatched on day 19 and the last one hatched on day 20. I was rather happy with the outcomes, that's 3 eggs that hatched out of 5.

    They are in the brooder now (They were in their as soon as they were all fluffy), stumbling around and getting used to their new surroundings. And of course I have been watching them for countless hours! :D But..there seems to be a chick that is not doing well. This chick (whom is named Sprinkles) hatched on the 1/09 around late night. Still now, she sits with her eyes closed and cant walk very well. She'll stumble around with her sisters and occasionally open her eyes. She can stand, but prefers not to a lot of the time.

    The one that hatched a day after Sprinkles is already standing, walking, and has her eyes open all the time expect when shes snoozing. Which has gotten me worried that although Sprinkles was the second one to hatch, she can. Should I be worried? The other two are content, walking, 'peeping' and just being generally content. Sprinkles peeps but does not to much of what the others do.

    I know problems are easily occurable when hatching in an incubator. But I need a little advice on what is going on.

    They have shredded paper and pine shavings in the brooder, and have their heat lamp on one side, So they can move to the cool if it gets to hot.



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    Have you examined the chick for any physical issues? Check the toes to make sure they are not curled, check the legs to make sure they are not spraddle/splayed. Listen to the chick breathing to see if you hear a click or rattle. Check for pasty butt. The chick should be up and moving along with the others. Do you have any sav-a-chick and/or nutridrench? I would try giving both of those to the chick with a little eye dropper or cotton swab on the side of the beak. Don't force it down the middle of the mouth because they can aspirate.

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