Incubating buddy wanted!


8 Years
May 7, 2011
This is my first time incubating eggs, and I have 8 Muscovies on day 21. I am getting freaked out reading about how difficult they are to incubate. I figured maybe there are some others out there who could use some support, too.
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oh my! I can't believe I spelled INCUBATING wrong in the message title!?! I am going duck crazy over here...sorry.
I've got 17 duck eggs that are due to hatch on the 8th of june. Never had any problems incubating duck eggs. Gool luck with your hatch
I think I have some due about the same time as well. I am terrible at recording the exact day I set eggs but they are half way now. - but its always kind of a nicer surprise to candle and find beaks in the airsacs when you arent waiting around expecting it. Scovies just take forever.... 35 days
I cant hardly wait 28 when I set special eggs.

You can fix the title if you wont- just go into your first post and edit it.

Good luck with your eggs...
Thanks! Good luck to you both, as well. This is our first attempt at incubating. Everything seems good, so far. Do you take yours out to candle them once they are this far? or just shine a light at the ends to check the air sacs? I tried to candle yesterday, but at this point, it seems really difficult to tell what is going on in there. A week ago, I could see their little beaks and see them moving around. Now, it is a lot darker (I suppose because they are getting bigger).
I have 'scovies in the incubator now. I am SOOOOO mad. They WERE under a broody, but she got fed up and walked off the job. (In her defense, it's been a crazy month here. Predators, sickness, etc. The last straw for her was when the state vet came out to draw blood to check for Newcastle. [We don't have it! YAY!!] She just never settled back on them. They're due to hatch JUNE 2!! So, I kept them in the bathroom in a styrofoam cooler under a brooder lamp at 100%. I have five that are still alive and kicking. I'm letting my new incubator warm up now, so we'll see what happens.

Oh that stinks! I hope those 5 make it.
How can you tell that they are still moving around okay in there? I am having a hard time seeing anything. Today is day 21, so I guess mine are due on June 11th. When can you start hearing them?
I inherited my Scovies when a raccoon got to mama in front of the nest.

Trying to catch one with marshmallows and a Havahart trap, as we speak. I am so mad at those dumb raccoons.

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