Incubating duck & Chicken together??? Ducks didn't hatch

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by SportTees, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I incubated the chicken and duck eggs together. The chicken eggs hatched no problem but none of the duck eggs hatched. I cracked the duck eggs and found either no duck or ducks the died very early. Only 1 duck looked like a duck so it must have died later. Why didn't they hatch? When incubating duck and chickens together what humidity and temp do you normally have? Do you do anything special to the duck eggs? This is very frustrating because I have more chicken and duck hatching eggs on the way and don't want this to happen again. Please help
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    Feb 13, 2009
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    i have done it before but they don't recommend it. duck eggs incubate longer than chicken and i mist my duck eggs with water once a day during incubation so humidity is a little higher with them. if possible i say separate them.
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    I've got 8 Peking ducks in bator with 32 chicky eggs. I'll try misting the duck eggs.They are on day 14 and candling proved that somebody is home!!!!
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    I'm bad and do my duck and chicken eggs together. I am in Florida - humidity central - and I do the dry incubation method. I accidently set a duck egg with my last batch that just hatched and he hatched fine with the dry inc. method. I wouldn't recommend it but he was hatching at the same time as my 2nd batch - a week later from my 1st - and I don't up my humidity for hatching. I have duck eggs in with my chicken eggs now....on purpose this time:)
    BTW he hatched with no issues at all with the dry hatch method but he also hatched towards the end of the 2nd hatch when all the little peeps drying up'd the humidity in the bator.
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    Quote:Whats the dry hatch method??
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    Whats the dry hatch method??

    if your bator does not have a fan then it is dry.
    such as little giant, their r dry.​
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    the dry method is when you incubate at a lower humidty level such as here in NC i make my humitdy be at 30-40% for days 1-18, then on day 18 after i stop tuening the eggs i bring the humidty up to 45-55% till they all hatch

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