Incubating Duck Eggs Day 25, One STRANGE EGG alive but very small duckling inside!!


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Apr 7, 2014
I am incubating pekin duck eggs. I have had the temp. between 99.3-99.5, humidity 45%-55%, with 65% ambient humidity in room. They have all been growing steady and air cells are almost all 1/3 the size where it needs to be. I noticed a few days ago one of the eggs still was showing blood vessels at days 20-25 and very small growth. Almost called it a dud but it visibly keeps twitching/moving. I have a seperate hatcher where the eggs are placed already. I left this one in the incubator not sure what to do. Any help or advice on what could be wrong with this egg?? Running out of time for this little one.
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I also have Pea King egg's in the brooder right now and if you
have one as you say it sounds like a late bloomer and could
take longer to hatch it sounds like

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When I have eggs that are like this, I go by visual cues....if he is rocking and rolling like the others at this stage, then he gets treated like they do and go into lock down, even if he is small. If he is small, still developing but not rocking around, then you might leave him in the incubator. You can stop turning eggs about 5 days before hatch. So if you think he is going hatch soon, but still behind, you can stop turning this egg with no issues, leaving him in the bator, if you think he is going to hatch sometime in the next 5 days. When he starts to rock and roll, get him in the hatcher. This will have to be your call. You need to judge at what stage you think he is in.

You can also post this question in the Duck section for more info from the Duck experts....

Good luck with the hatch and this little one! And welcome to our flock!
Thank You. That eases my concern. I can't let him die unless he gives up by natures method. It looks like he is still too small in his development (I can see through 1/2 the egg, veins and his little body) to rock the egg, I will continue to watch him daily until i see more progression. Then hopefully he will hatch in his lonely incubator. Once again thank you for you input!
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You've gotten some good advice above, good luck with the hatch.
Well the little guy is still in his incubator i noticed he has descended down to the bottom of the egg, where before he was hanging out in the middle. He is Still moving inside, heart beat etc. But now I can see space and vessels between the air cell. Air cell is a slighty smaller than the other eggs that are fully developed. My guess he is about 1-3 days behind for hatching. Hopefully that wont be a disability for him. I do have hope for this little guy. Monitoring this little fellow is looking like a very restless and almost sleepless next couple of days.
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