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    I have someone that wants me to incubate a few duck eggs for her. I have never incubated duck eggs only chicken eggs. I did a little research and it appears temp for duck eggs is same as chicken eggs. But humidity needs to be a lot higher as well as days for incubation is more. I also read here on the forums the I think it was muscovy ducks take 35 days, is that correct? Are there any other breeds of ducks that take longer too? I have no idea what breed she has will be finding out.

    I did read that for day 1-25 humidity should be at 86% and from Day 26-28 humidity should be at 94% as well as decreasing the temp by one degree. Does this sound right for those of you experienced w/ hatching goslings? If these numbers are not correct please let me know what they should be.

    I advertised on craiglist for people that might want eggs incubated chicken, duck, turkey, etc I could supply this service if they don't have an incubator or broody. I'm doing this to make a little extra cash. Obviously not to get rich. But what would you say would be a fair price for incubating eggs? I was thinking of maybe charging $1.00/day. And they could give me however many eggs they would like or rather would fit in my incubator. The $1/day is not based on $1/egg its based on incubation time. Any thoughts? Does $1/day sound like to much or should I charge a per egg fee? As I stated I'm not looking to get rich just make a little extra money. Any input is greatly appreciated.


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