Incubating egg gave up growing!


Nov 27, 2020
Its the day21... And I incubated 2 of them has grown well and can be seen to have covered the egg and IG in a few days will hatch ..but the other one seems to have like 40% told still left to be absorbed...and has really dark and huge veins...but the baby isn't moving...they were incubated on the same day...what should I do?...
Hi @Eva_hatchings!
We've talked about this with your last chick. Does the chick move or make sounds? Are you counting the first day as day 1?
Yeah so basically the same thing happens with the last chick but it was developed and has covered the egg completely till day 22 so I'm okay with it hatching late...but then out of the two one of them has a lot of yolk left like a 14-16 day old egg would I'm concerned if it gave up growing...also no I didnt consider day was the day 0....I started counting after leaving the first 24 hours ...I'm fine with one of the egg...its a late hatcher..and is active inside the egg but the other one is the one I'm tensed about..
OK good.

Keep an eye on Problem Egg. I'm sorry but there's nothing you can do.

How is Baby Chick doing?
The baby chick is well....really was lonely so got these two chicks...and turns out one of them doesn't wanna help with I can't help so let's wait and watch...

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